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Whether you just need a bit of advice to get going or a full start to finish new landscape or make-over, call or e-mail Don for an appointment today. He can help you to create a yard you can feel good about.
Don Church 207-374-3580
More than 45 years of hands on experience in Landscaping & Landscape Design. .

Blue Hill Country Garden is located at 1175 Pleasant Street in Blue Hill Maine. Owned and operated by Don Church He has been a member of the American Hemerocalis Society & has been hybridizing with Daylilies for 25 years. He has been written about in the Summer 2008 Issue of Perennials magzine "Daylily Hybridizing 101" and the April 2007 Issue of The Bangor Metro, "Maverick Gardeners" by Claire Ackroyd. Blue Hill Country Garden is also featured in the book "Landscaping with Daylilies" written by Oliver Billingsly for the American Hemerocallis Society. Don currently has 38 Daylily Introductions

Blue Hill Country Garden
Blue Hill, Maine

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